Welcome to “Blackmaster.net“, a group of tour guides aiming to offer visitors and tourists unique views on lifestyle, nightlife, nature and beauties of Ghana through the eyes of an African.

Alternative Accommodation

When you book an accommodation (hotel or private) through an online booking engine, you often do not know, what you get. Reviews are in many cases manipulated and not reliable. Specific needs or interests like LGBT or “couple friendly” – many places do not allow. We will suggest unique alternatives for an accommodation tailoring your needs, budget and interests.

Alternative Tours

Explore Africa with the eyes of an African. We organize in Ghana Nightlife tours, Slavery tours and Village life tours showing our lifestyle and allowing natural interaction with locals

Tour Guides

Our male and female tour guides are hand selected and have only one goal: Total satisfaction of the client.

They will be your guide, friend and butler while in Ghana and are ready to go the “extra mile”:

  • set you up in Ghana, from SIM card to bank account
  • 24/7 availability to serve you
  • arranging a company for the night
  • helping with personal requests
  • introducing you to locals and friends